Favorite Videos

Official #DaddyandDaughter singing “Let It Go” from Frozen

Chris Price posts a father-daughter duet singing “Let It Go” in the car. Musical expression can happen anywhere and everywhere; so can learning.

2-Year-Old Amazing Toddler Singing “Don’t Let Me Down”

This video, owned by Christian Diego Mello, demonstrates a 2-year-old who passionately sings a Beatles song. Musical taste develops early and is often similar to parents’ musical preferences.

Little Child Sings Blues

German Veller posts a video of a little Spanish-speaking boy who sings the blues and plays the harmonica. The blues seems to transcend culture and age.

Ella Sings “An American Trilogy” by Elvis Presley

20-months-old Ella is a big fan of her daddy! When he turns on Elvis Presley music in the car, she sings along happily. Music can make a car ride pleasurable.

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4-Year-Old Girl with Down Syndrome Lip Syncing “Let It Go” 

Larry Jalomo records the excitement and engagement of his daughter when listening to “Let It Go.” Children of all abilities enjoy popular tunes.

Toddler and Dog Play the Blues

Posted by jessgenrich’s channel, this home video demonstrates a musical interaction between a toddler and her dog. Music is an experience that involves the whole family!

 3-Years-Old Russian Drummer Leads Orchestra of Adult Musicians

Three-year-old Lyonya Shilovsky from Russia wows the orchestra and the crowd with his performance of Offenbach’s “Can Can,” then shows even more of his talent with an awesome drum solo!